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Celebrating the best in design & conservation in East Suffolk

We are delighted to receive an award of "Highly Commended" in the Quality of Place Awards for the design of the new Eastern Edge Beach huts. We’re especially pleased with the view of the judges; “Although a very simple building type, beach huts are an iconic and longstanding part of British culture. Architecturally, what is interesting about this scheme is the way in which the designers have managed to cleverly and distinctively re-invent the type whilst maintaining a sense of seaside fun”.

The huts are modular and were prefabricated off site. They have been laid out in echelon which gives each hut more privacy and shelter and better orientation towards the sun. The stepped and staggered layout and the use of monopitch roofs combines to produce a striking and jaunty overall composition. Added interest is pBeach Huts image at Festival2rovided by subtle variations in the shades of blue used in the scheme’s overall colouring.



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