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Proposed Roarr! expansion

We are pleased to announce our involvement in exciting plans to expand Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure with a new themed area within it existing 85-acre site. The award-winning, family-owned business, which attracts visitors from all over the UK as well as being a popular day out locally, is proposing to expand into its existing deer safari space, adding more attractions for its dinosaur fans to enjoy, including outdoor rides aimed at children aged 2-11 years and a 11-metre volcano feature. The land, which is surrounded by trees, and is adjacent to its dinosaur trail through the woods, has been chosen because of its low ecological value and avoids intrusion into the park’s natural habitats and woodlands, whilst offering visitors an improved park experience.

Chaplin Farrant Architects are involved in presenting a public consultation event at Roarr! on 23rd and 24th June 2021 between 4pm & 8pm to display some initial plans and obtain local opinions. The presentation boards can be viewed online via the following links:


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