5364 Swaffham Front Visual Office Meeting2
Brief: Construction of a new Police Station and associated works to create a more fluid and flexible facility.
Design: The main building is divided into 3 main elements; the ‘Office block’ which provides the main frontage to the site; the ‘Amenities Block’ which provides servicing and storage space; and the ‘Entrance/Link’ which provides circulation and connections between the other two blocks.
Due to the sensitive nature of the development the buildings and servicing areas are set back from the boundary and screened with fencing and landscaping to provide higher levels of security and resilience. An attenuation lagoon is proposed to not only attenuate the site but also to add an added level of perimeter security to the building through softer landscaping.
The car parking has been designed to maximise the number of spaces with an element of land left for potential future development.
The proposed materials are strong, robust and modern and will provide a low maintenance building for Norfolk Constabulary.